Entry 1: A Sad Jungle

Kaylan’s Struggle Diary

Written on June 20, 2013

I look at all the people…
Should I say hi to them?
Of course, they’d probably think of me as just some random stranger in the internet.
And I’m just that. A stranger.
And how do we treat humans really?
Maybe there’s some love set aside in each one of us.
To see people beyond what we think they are.
To reach out instead of ignore, or instead of talking with words of hurt.
What does it take to be nice?
Isn’t there all too much of hate going around and why would we want to add to it?
Is the world really a sad battle royale…
a sad jungle, full of carnivores… taking pleasure and strength seeing others fall down and broken?
If this is how humanity really is, I would rather die than conform.
I’d rather be weak than fight back.
I’d rather be consumed than to rise up with pride.

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