Entry 4: Shake the System

Kaylan’s Struggle Diary

Written on October 14, 2013

The system needs to be shaken. Our systems. Our inclinations and whatever we thought really matters. How can we move beyond this system – from walking by sight and seeing the things that we normally see…to walking by faith where we see the unseen.

I tend to give in to my urges a lot, and I’m sure others do too. With sex being too mainstream as it is, it’s a scenario that I could liken to this “faith and sight” comparison. How do we fight what we’ve known all along and walk in ways that are unfamiliar to us?

How do I turn these ideas, this creativity, into action? I need to plan out my thoughts and use what I’ve been given wisely. To help and to make a difference to what matters most, definitely.

I surely need to go for a walk and gather those ideas that just pop up.


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