Entry 6: Procrasti Nation

Kaylan’s Struggle Diary

Written on October 25, 2013

OK, so just wondering about all the wasted time we’ve all given to the internet.. wondering if all that time could be invested in somewhere else. What kind of change would we make then?

I kinda hate myself for seeing all this time go by. So much of it wasted, when I know that with all this time, it could be made to create something more. To make something with a purpose. And yet it goes on….millions of people, I guess… slowly eating us away…

Last night, I had this dream (or a nightmare?) about a computer virus affecting the entire world… this virus in as a some kind of notification, where once clicked, access to the internet is cut off and this affects not just you, but a huge area around you. Some sort of a pandemic arises then, since there doesn’t seem to be a “cure” for this virus that’s keeping us from using the internet. People are thinking of a way to stop this virus but it’s not happening.. and businesses are crumbling down and stuff like that. It’s a weird dream.

I know the internet has been a huge part of our lives, most especially these past few years. Advancement in technology is just skyrocketing ever since, and so many changes and improvements have happened. Now you could gain followers from all over the world, and have your voice heard – and this I guess is the internet’s greatest strength where our planet could draw closer to each other.

Just don’t let your internet usage close doors – it could open a million possibilities. And that’s what I’m hoping for – to make those possibilities a reality.


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