Entry 7: Creating Reality

November 2, 2013

“It’s great to meet and know people from different parts of the world and some of them I feel a real close kinship to, but it takes up much of The time I could be spending in real life. How do we combat this issue?”
“Yeah. I kinda feel like it’s destructive, though I wish those bonds could be brought over to real life.. then everything would be easier..”
“Then the possibilities would become reality. The miracle inside of us may bloom one day and we may find ourselves in a field of blooming flowers all around us, our friends from all over.”
“I’m thinking maybe now it’s just often still an illusion.. An escape from reality, still, as we try to seek comfort in creating our own little world, still inside our bubble.. but yeah, it’s nice knowing how MANY miles away there are people like you..
who are a part of my life. I just want it to be real. But of course I have hope…”
“So are we all engaging in a kind of mutual escape of reality?
Do you think we wouldn’t need this communication as much if we could create it in real life around us? And would we feel ok about letting each other go and not talking as much?”
“I’ve known a lot of people in real life yet not anyone who really “gets it”, or just “fits” the way you do..”
“Maybe the internet and technology is evolution’s or gods way of connecting people who wouldn’t ordinarily be connected. Maybe the next step in the evolution is to make this a reality. To actually form these communities of like minded people
Maybe that’s the purpose of it. And we notice it as an illusion and partially destructive for the time being. And if is, but maybe it is necessary until we can actualize it in reality.”
“If that’s the case, we could do that. I just wonder if we could focus on our goals a bit more. We have a long way to go and a life ahead of us, and I wish we could try our best to not abandon that. Especially now that we know what really matters..
I don’t want to stay as an audience anymore and observing the world from a distance.. I want to participate to making significant change..”

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