Entry 10: Easier To Say For You



Sometimes I think it’s easier for people to say things. Easier to say ‘God loves me’, ‘God will bless you’, ‘God will fulfill his plans for you’… with the amount of people in the world, with the amount of deaths occurring day-by-day and the amount of bad that goes on. It’s easier for some people, because they’ve got it good. 

They don’t know what it’s like to live here. They could say God is faithful, because they don’t lack any basic need and overflows with even more. Nice clothes and endeavors of vanity, a grand production, sports like golf and coffee at Starbucks everyday.

Wouldn’t it be easy to say ‘God is faithful’, ‘God never fails’ then?

But then, it’s not about that anyway. God bless me with resilience, the resilience he has given my fellow countrymen. Who live on in life, without all these endeavors of vanity, with a life free from much riches. It is a blessing, still. Far more than any televangelist or that preacher wearing a thousand-dollar outfit, and the audience who are able to say ‘hallelujah’ with all they have.

But it’s not about that really. It has never been about that. We, myself included, have looked at the wrong things and at the wrong definitions of success. The system’s entirely twisted, and maybe this is why it all feels wrong. It all feels so wrong, that we just ignore it all out through means of entertainment, vanity, humor, and anything that could get us distracted from the truth.

And I still believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.


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