Entry 21: Still

Still dying. Same thoughts and state from 365 days ago. How sad. I can’t get through this on my own. But what use is blaming the circumstances now? Blaming the past? Funky town.


Entry 20: The Filipino College Graduate Taboo

How come almost every new person I know asks about whether or not I’m studying, where, whether I graduated from college or not?

And if I tell them I don’t go to college, they seem to see that as a negative and see it as something that’s for the better, in the long run.

They’re right. But look… I messed up, okay? I can’t be that guy anymore and I know I could be having that “graduation picture with hundreds of likes”. 

And it’s frustrating how there are THESE PEOPLE who only like to associate themselves with people who have “graduated” or only those who study at a top school. Well, I guess they just want the ‘most of out of their life’ and will only associate themselves with QUALITY PEOPLE. But, anyway it shouldn’t bother me all too much. Even if it does. When I sleep, I get dreams about school often, and it’s a dream that is closely linked to a past shame. Well, not everyone has their success stories. It’s just those people that I can’t help but be in fury about. 

It sucks because I can’t be with them, and will never be, because of the turn of events in my life. But why would I want to be? It sucks because they won’t change. 


Entry 19: Taboos and Strangers

People come and go. I guess that’s how it is. We have the liberty to choose who we wish to be with.

There are more than 7 BILLION people across this planet.

To think that we’d only be able to come across less than 1% – heck less than 0.001% – in our lifetime is kind of a letdown. But for some it’s not, and it just means that there’s new possibilities with someone else out there since the amount of people are……..seemingly infinite.

So when you see a stranger, guess what, he’s just a part of the 0.000001% of the entire world population, or if we’re being country specific maybe just 1 out of the 100 million people in the Philippines. And there are tons of us.

So yeah. All these people.


Unity – nah, kinda hard now.

Same cause.