Entry 22: The People I Met and The New Perspectives I Gained

I want to be there for the people who have the potential for success, but have no confidence to be able to do so. I want to push them forward, but at the same time I want to push ME forward, and create the utmost best of what I’m capable of in this short life.
I’ve met a lot of people this year, and that opened doors and new perspectives.
Meeting PERSON #1 gave light to that and all the “ordinary” man is capable of. For many times, it’s easy to label someone at first glance – mostly the shirtless, smoking dudes who I see around the streets. But his talent is just amazing – too think that he only started to write stories this year…while I’ve been struggling for several.
Meeting PERSON #2 gave light to the wisdom and hospitality, and showed me a new-found perspective of the foreigner’s view of the country, and he did see potential in me. It sucks that I couldn’t use it properly.
Meeting PERSON #3 gave me perspective about the road towards success for most people who are around my age. She’s doing her best, and sometimes I feel inadequate..incapable, because she thinks I’m capable of much more. And of course I would love to be, seeing as how many months have passed.
Meeting PERSON #4 last 2012 opened my eyes about families, and dreams, and I believed in him and helped him to record his songs and with the one I wrote, he made one of my dreams into a reality, somehow.
All these people – so much more I couldn’t list here (because I’ve met a lot, really) – have their stories, and dreams, their individual shots at life. And it’s true that the amount of money person has doesn’t at all determine his worth.
But of course, this could be another one of my excuses.
It all boils down to what I really want to happen to my life. Dreaming is easy, but actually making them a reality takes a lot of effort and requires pushing through the darkness, especially if that dream is unconventional – going against the river flowing within.
But maybe it’s not that hard.